Stucco Home Siding

Many Spanish-mission and Tuscan style homes have stucco siding installed. While most homeowners choose to apply stucco to the exteriors, some of them use it inside their home too. How well does the stucco holds up? Is it a reliable option? What about the price? Here are the answers to these questions, they should help you decide whether to go for stucco or hardie.

It Is Attractive

There are many patterns to choose from and have a contractor do specific designs for you. The rustic look is what makes stucco siding so attractive and you will see a lot of luxurious homes using this material.

Maintenance And Costs Are Affordable

When compared to other siding options, stucco is not expensive. And the truth is, it is more resilient than some of its counterparts. Besides the low investment, you will not have to worry about maintenance a lot because there is no paint needed. A stucco that is well installed will last for decades without any painting or fixing needed.


Probably the most attractive feature of stucco is its durability. When installed right, stucco siding can last up to 100 years. That's durability for ya.

It's Flexible

And when I say flexible, I mean it can be applied to a lot of different architectural styles. While it is common on Spanish and Tuscan styles you can apply it on any house style you wish. It is possible to create fantastic stonework with stucco. A good artisan can help you here, you can get some luxurious designs for a good price.

Water And Fire Resistant Material

Rain, wind, fire and hailstorms will not be able to damage stucco. When it comes to protection from outside elements, this material is among the best on the market.