Is Choosing Hardie Siding A Good Option?

One of the most popular choices for home siding are hardie planks. The guy named James Hardy invented these decades ago, in the downunder country. Yes, Australia! The combination of wood and cement gave great qualities to these boards that were easily installed, easily painted and they can last for a long, long time.

The thing is, most consumers are surprised with these fiber cement products because they never thought they would offer so much value. But once people see this siding on a nearby house or install it themselves, they are completely blown away. Durability, solid construction, appearance and very little maintenance is what makes this product great. And the styling has an old world charm, which is a great addition to any home, it's what raises the value of your house.

Fantastic look and energy efficient product are another two factors that make this product so popular. Besides these benefits, high weather resistance is what makes people replace their old siding and install this one. Durability of hardie boards is fantastic and no hailstorm will be able to damage it. This material will behave excellent in overly dry and overy rainy climates.

When it comes to color and paint, there are many colors to choose from and you can have the hardie planks installed and pre-painted. You will get a 15 year warranty on this and you can repaint the whole siding after that period. And of course, you can choose some other color as well.

If you wish to have that wood shingles look, you can have it with hardie siding. But you won't have to deal with hassles wood shingles come with. No rotting and cracking, which are two common issues in damp and overly dry areas. Some other benefits you will be able to enjoy in is defense against carpenter bees, termites and all other insects that can destroy wood. You won't experience warping with hardie planks, which is a common issue with vinyl siding. So, you are actually having a material that will last for decades. Warm home during the winter and cooler home during the summer are additional benefits.

Considering that you can save a lot of money and be without worries with this material, it's no wonder you and so many people choose it over all other materials available.